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Keep warm and dry with the cozy towel beach poncho by Sandbanks Style.

Available in two colours, blue or grey, these soft and warm ponchos are ideal for water sports and beach worshippers. Plus, they come in a full range of sizes so all the family can get one.

Designed with short sleeves to allow you to manoeuvre your equipment without getting your sleeves wet, they also allow you to catch some rays. If you want to cover your arms, simple pull them inside.

When you've finished, these ponchos can be rolled up tightly to fit into your dry bag or rucksack, although we find kids and adults tend to live in them because they are so snuggly.

Size Guide:

Small: 4'0;'- 5'0''

Medium: 5'- 5'9''

Large: 5'10'' - 6'2''

Extra Large: 6'2'' - 6'8''

Sandbanks Style Towel Poncho

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