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Buy one of our luxurious hoodies and become a true part of the Sandbanks Style team.

 We spent a lot of time looking for the right people to source our hoodies from. Of course, we wanted to find someone who could help us make comfortable clothing of the highest quality, but we also wanted to find a team that shared some of our values too. This is why we chose Continental Clothing.

 Not only do Continental Clothing make super stylish, plush, comfortable hoodies which are 100% organic cotton, they also do their bit for the environment too. They maintain a carbon neutral status to fight against climate change and they are also part of the Fair Wear Foundation; an organisation set up to support better working conditions, higher wages and equality.  

 We really love our hoodies and we hope you enjoy our hoodies as much as we do.

Sandbanks Style Luxury Hoodie

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